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Are You Hurt After A Car Or Truck Accident?

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Our mission is to diligently represent the wrongfully injured parties, so as to recover money damages rightfully due to our clients for their bodily injuries, pain and suffering, property damages, medical expenses and other financial losses.

Typically, we will be seeking recovery of hospital and medical expenses, both those already incurred and those expected as future medical expenses. Monetary recovery for our clients’ pain and suffering incurred from the injuries wrongfully caused are yet another of our major objectives.

The Stages Of Recovery After A Car Accident

A car crash or other automobile accident can be devastating. With thousands of cars on the road, the dangers can be significant. Even a two-car accident can leave you with broken bones, internal bleeding and serious lasting damage. Our goal is to help you through your recovery.

The first stage of the recovery process begins with getting you the proper medical treatment. Petti Murphy & Associates will then obtain your medical records and interview treating physicians. At the same time, we will conduct a careful investigation of the facts surrounding the incident, including obtaining police reports, photographs of the scene of the occurrence and the damage to vehicles, and statements from the witnesses.

Once the facts investigations into fault, impact and other pertinent surrounding circumstances are well underway, and the medical diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of bodily injuries is known, we will seek to recover the client’s damages from the wrongdoer and his or her insurance carrier.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Personal Injury Firms

What distinguishes Petti Murphy & Associates from many other law firms is that we will, from the very beginning, start the process of collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and preparing for a jury trial. Our primary objective is to get the best possible recovery under the circumstances, not to just settle the case.

We believe the best possible settlement will come, if at all, while we are preparing your case for trial, or are in the course of actually trying it. If there is no settlement, we will seek to obtain for you a fair trial and a generous jury award.

Of growing importance in this field of law is alternative dispute resolution. With your prior approval, your case could be submitted to a binding arbitration hearing before an Arbitrator — who is usually a retired judge. This speeds up the disposition of the claims and recovery of money damages.

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