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Professional Malpractice

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Malpractice by professionals other than doctors is similar to medical malpractice, but not exactly the same. Engineers, for example, are permitted to modify the scope of their duties of care by contract with their retaining client. If someone is adversely affected by the contractual modification of the scope of the engineer’s duties, the Illinois Supreme Court has held that there is no negligence remedy under such circumstances.

Experience And Skill In Fighting Professional Malpractice Claims

To win a malpractice claim against an attorney, the former client must establish that the attorney did not exercise a reasonable degree of care and skill, and that but for the attorney’s negligence, the client would not have suffered the damages alleged. The law distinguishes mistaken professional judgment from negligence. A mere error of judgment does not subject an attorney to liability even if that erroneous judgment leads to an unfavorable outcome for the client. This holds true for engineers, accountants, insurance brokers and real estate brokers as well, allowing for compensation where the professional person negligently fails to observe his or her reasonable professional standards or provides inaccurate information that causes damages.

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