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Don’t fall victim to fraudulent misrepresentation

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The construction industry, just like any other profession, relies heavily on contractual agreements to ensure that obligations are understood and adhered to in a timely fashion. But, as you probably know, contract disputes arise all the time. In many instances, these disputes stem from allegations of breach, where one side has failed to live up to its obligations as identified in the contract. However, if you feel like you’ve been tricked into a contract, then you might be wondering if there’s a way to take legal action even if the other party has technically upheld its end of the bargain.

Have you been subjected to fraudulent misrepresentation?

You might be able to take legal action in those circumstances, especially if you’ve been subjected to fraudulent misrepresentation. Here, one side essentially lies to the other about a material fact, thereby inducing the other side to enter into a contractual arrangement. This means that in order to succeed on a fraudulent misrepresentation claim, you’ll need to show that:

  • A representation of fact was made
  • The representation was either false or made with a reckless disregard for its truthfulness
  • The representation was made with the intent of luring you into the contract
  • You relied on that representation
  • That reliance led you to enter into the contract
  • You were harmed as a result of entering into the contract

Note that there are many legal elements that you’ll have to prove here, including intent. Therefore, you’re going to need to be armed with strong evidence if you hope to succeed on your claim.

Have assistance building your claim from the ground up

There are a lot of moving pieces in the construction business, which can make it all the harder to prove fraudulent misrepresentation. But with a strong legal ally on your side, you can conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and develop the legal strategy that you need to protect your business interests. To learn more, consider reaching out to an experienced law firm like ours.